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9:00 AM

So here we go - 
the first day of the challenge from the blog, Love Happy Daily!

Today the prompt was about goals. And so I am going to talk about just that :-)

Wonderful Setting Goals Quote by Tony Robbins

Why not start with a definition of goals - I love finding a description to put to a word :-)

the aim or object towards which an endeavour is directed
synonyms - target; purpose; object; objective; intent; intention


A goal is a dream with a deadline.    Goals quote | Napoleon Hill.  New Year Resolution.

Thank you Pinterest for summing that up ;-)

So why do we set goals?

1. To figure out what we actually want.
I want ALOT of things in life, so narrowing them down on paper as a list - or however - is helpful!

2. To get motivated & take ACTION.
I think that by writing things down and seeing my goals listed on paper compels me to get moving and get things done!!

3. Keeps us focused.
A goals list is a great reminder of what you want to achieve. There is always a point of reference that can help you stay focused.

4. Promotes forward thinking and stops 'rut-dwelling'.
Sometimes you can fall into a bit of a life slump, basically ya get stuck-in-a-rut as they say...
and setting goals allows you to start thinking ahead and facilitates the moving forward.

5. To monitor progress & celebrate achievements.
Crossing something off a list is SUPER exciting and rewarding - POP the cork on that bubbly!! ;-)

Setting goals does not guarantee a smooth ride, there is bound to be hurdles and challenges to face but remember this...

Never let an obstacle change your desire to reach your goals. #quotes #motivation #inspiration

Thanks Pinterest - again ;-)

So there is goal setting in a little nutshell for you, the way I like to describe and see it anyway.
So now I get a little more personal and share with you my top five goals that I am working towards for this year. 
You may have recalled a post earlier on in the year about me participating in One Little Word created by Ali Edwards. I love the concept of living under the banner of one chosen word for the year and it determines your yearly goals and aspirations and sets the course of your journey through the year. 
This year, you may remember, that my word is GROW!
And as part of that journey, I do still have goals that I want to reach.
Here they are:

1. Organise, De-Clutter & Simplify my home. (My life too, really)
2. Get more sleep. Set a daily routine that allows me to get to bed at a decent hour!
3. Live a more full and active life. Optimum health. Regular exercise. More fun family activities. 
4. Use TIME better. Prioritise. I need to find balance in my days, set routines, have daily goals (that are realistic - not bombarding myself with tasks and expectations that are too high). Know my limitations and don't exceed them (really do need to learn that one!!)
5. Be the best ME I can be! Always be REAL. Be confident. Be brave. Just be me.

Yes Yes!!

A little slogan that keeps coming up for me this year is...

enjoy the journey

And that can be really hard to do. Especially when I am aching with pain and fatigue and feel completely devoid of energy. I feel unproductive and useless. 
Fibromyalgia sucks. And it makes me life more difficult BUT... 
I am a goer. I have ambition and goals I want to achieve - so I will NOT give up easily. These attacks are all just setbacks. It does not stop me from setting goals and wanting more from life. And it doesn't mean I can't still enjoy the journey. 
Even when I am feeling poorly and pain is present, I can look upon other things that are present in my life and be thankful for them -
My kids. My husband. This lovely house I live in. The fact the sun is shining.
I divert my thoughts to other, more positive things.
And, I pray. Being a woman of faith, I find prayer to be a powerful weapon. It helps me. Plain and simple.

So that's me and my goals.

Make progress and you are on your way to reaching your #goal #quote #MondayMotivation

Do you have a list of goals? How are they going for you?

I shall be back tomorrow so until then,
Take care! Enjoy the journey!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I love your post Anna. I believe in listing my goals. Seeing I believing. Sending you all the positive energy and love to help you achieve your beautiful goals xxxx

    1. Thanks for popping by Jodie and leaving such kind words :-) xx

  2. Excellent list of goals - and lots of good Pinterest inspiration here too! My goals for the next few weeks include trying out new recipes, de-cluttering my home and finalizing summer travel plans!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Great that you popped by :-) Your goals sound great too - I hope you are able to tick them all off your goals list :-)

  3. what a good list for the month, and lovely quaotable inspiration!

    1. Hi Cate - thanks for dropping by my blog! Yes I love quotes and Pinterest is great for it ;-)

  4. Great post! Love the quotes and why we make goals, never really thought about it before! I'm joining in the challenge too and loving finding some new blogs! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Welcome to my little bloggy world Arline - I'm so glad you have dropped by! Thanks for your kind words :-)

  5. Great post Anna and a great start to completing this challenge! Good luck :) Sunday x

  6. Wow you girl, are an inspiration! I love that you are not letting anything get you, beat you down, your determined and I admire you!

    1. Awww thanks so much Kellie you beautiful thing!! I appreciate your kind words xx


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