Blog Everyday In May - Day 17...

10:34 PM

So today's post is a photo journal of my day today!

I wouldn't describe today as being very awe-inspiring but I guess it has been relatively productive. Just a typical, easy-going Saturday really.
I have used my iPhone to take all my photos using an app called Picfx - just cos I felt like mixing it up abit!
But anyway, here goes...

9:20am - After a nice sleep in, I woke to sun streaming through my window.

9:30am - I had an apple plonked on me by Miss J. She sweetly asks 'Mum can you wash my apple so I can eat it please.' (Please excuse the mess on my dresser - I'm still sorting some things out!)

9:32am - My feet hit the floor.

9:50am - Dressed. Now hair.

10am - A little sprinkle and dash of make-up

10:10am - All ready for the day. HELLO!

10:20am - Breakfast. Gluten Free Rice Bubbles. And I also had gf toast and a coffee :-)

11am - A little online browsing. Catch up on some blog reading.

11:30am - Unfortunately, the dishes don't do themselves ;-)
Miss J wanted to help too.

12 noon - And laundry needs hanging out.

12:30pm - Drove to pick up take-out for lunch to take around to hubby at the depot.

12:45pm - Picnic style lunch at the depot.
Miss J sits there and says
"This is a nice family lunch. All of us together!"
Little sweetheart - love that she notices these special little moments and appreciates them :-)

1:20pm - Kids are set up with a DVD while Mummy and Daddy get some work done

1:30pm - Pre-count for stocktake begins.

4pm - Back home. Clothes all dry and folded.

4:35pm - Relax time while hubby takes the kids with him for the drive to deliver some supplies to a farmer.

5:10pm - Tea preparation. Thank goodness for some leftovers!

6:10pm - Tea has been eaten. Chillin' on the couch with Mr Awesome while he catches up on today's V8 race.

6:30pm - Kids shower time

7pm - With the kids all squeaky clean and ready for bed, SPA time for me!
And I stayed in there for an hour!! Got a fair bit of my book read too ;-)

The rest of the evening has been spent getting this blog post done cos my internet is DODGY AS out here! Takes forever to load anything BUT...I'm patient and persistant!

 Hubby and I have also been watching X-men First Class on telly.

And that is a day in my life!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. What a full day! Mine is so boring in comparison. And I totally failed at making it a photo journal day. Oh well...

  2. Great day! Loved how you shared it with us!x

  3. What a great day! Your washing dries super fast!

    1. ha! yes - perks of living in Western Australia! Most days are great drying days. In summer, clothes can dry in less than hour!!

  4. Wow girl that is one busy day from the moment you rise!

  5. LOVE your day! thanks for sharing - love the everyday parts of life you shared :) xo Charm


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