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I admire those people with quick wit; those who can pull out something funny from anything, about anything at any time - and it is so unexpected and hits you right in the funny bone that you can't help but LAUGH OUT LOUD!
I am not one of those people.
I have been called funny before but I'm not this funny and definitely not quick-witted!
I do like a good laugh though - like tears-running-down-your-face, in-stitches kinda laughing. That feels so good!
I can make myself laugh at myself really easily - I am that crazy it's rather amusing at times ;-) LOL
My husband is quite funny. Some people probably wouldn't pick it to look at him but he IS rather funny. He has a real dry, quirky sense of humour that I just can't help but laugh at how weird and wacky his humour is.
But I think, in this stage of life, the most laughs come from our kids.
Oh my gosh! The things kids say hey!?!

I can recall many funny little things my kids have said! Like...

Placing a plate with zucchini slice on it for tea, Miss J exclaims "OH! I LOVE bikini slice!"


Or when Miss K, just the other day calls out to me "Look! A stick! I gotta stick!"
Only thing is, her pronunciation is still developing at the moment and her ST's come out as D's!
Yep - go back and read out what she said!


But I think this next one takes the cake for me. It's up there on my faves list!

We were in the car - Miss J and Miss K (strapped into their seats in the back) and myself driving - and I'd just driven up our driveway, parked, and switched the car off.
It was a rather warm day.
Miss J suddenly blurts out...
"Man I feel so hot! Like when you have a baby come out of your feels like that!"
Okay then.


I love when people have great laughs...all of my friends do. That's why we're always the weirdos laughing about nothing-the laugh is way better than anything else.
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I guess you've guessed the prompt for Sunday's blog challenge is too share a funny story or picture.
I hope you have managed at least a little giggle.
Giggles are good too :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Love the quote - it is one of the best things ever! And you're right, the things kids say - especially when they are really young - crack me up!


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