Blog Every Day in May - Day 11...

10:04 PM

I am continuing on with the blog challenge from Love Happy Daily!
Today's prompt was to go on a photo walk.
Well, I didn't go for an actual walk but I thought I'd take you for a walk through my photo reel for today.
Today was Mothers Day so there was quite a few more photos taken than any other usual day :-)
Please note that many of the photos are rather blurry and not good quality but I've included them because they still capture my day. 
So let's go for a stroll...

My day began with a nice long sleep in! I didn't even hear Mr Awesome get out of bed which I normally do.

Just as I was waking, I heard a little presence at the door. Miss J popped her head in and informed me ever so gently that it was Mothers Day and that I probably should wake up now.
"I'll give you two hours, ok Mummy?"
Bless her little heart ;-)

How's that for a Mothers Day breakfast!
Pancakes cooked by hubby :-)

 Time to open gifts.
Miss J had been waiting for this moment excitedly for over a week. She had been doing things at school and hiding them ready for this day.

I was stoked with ALL that I got! But this little ornament really stuck out to me.
The senior class at Miss J's school ran a shop the other week. Students could take money and purchase things for sale. We gave her some money so she could buy something.
And today I found that she chose this little owl ornament for me  - my heart just bursts. She knows me well!

Love my girls!
I am SO blessed to be their Mumma xx

Well, just because it's Mothers Day doesn't mean the housework disappears ;-)
Photo courtesy of Miss J.

And ya gotta do the SELFIES!! hehe

We had takeout for tea so Mummy didn't have to cook ;-)

And of course, I remembered my Mummy all the way back home in Tassie. I asked my Dad to send me a photo of her today. Thanks Dad xx
Sometimes it's hard to live so far away from my family, especially on days like this.
So blessed to call this beautiful woman my Mum xx

So that was my day.
Hope your day was just as sweet :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Aww what beautiful gifts and a lovely day! Great to see your day in pics! I live in the UK so we had Mother's Day in March and it was my proud and love being a mummy xx

    1. Awww! Being a mother is such a precious thing! Remember every moment - they grow so quickly!


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