Blog Everyday In May - Day 26...

9:44 PM

Invite someone to guest post for you.

Well, I didn't do much forward planning in this department - YIKES!!
I quickly popped a request for people to contribute to a themed post of 'What's on your desk' on Facebook yesterday - and I got TWO takers!

So here goes...

First up we have the lovely Kate Mason! AKA Messy Miss Kate :-)
 I just luuuuurve all of Kate's artwork and doodly designs. She's thoroughly awesome AND I've had the pleasure of meeting her IN REAL LIFE! And see her work her magic - Woohoo!

And on her desk at the moment...

Kate says...

"Well naturally I have a million things on the go at the moment! "

Can completely relate there Kate ;-)

"First one is some sketching I'm doing for a new digital illustration. I'm going to add a little watercolour to test out a few colour schemes before I make it all digitally."

The second pic shows prints of her adorable creations, whether it's sweet girls, birds, collage prettiness, houses, cute creatures, whatever she feels like drawing/painting at the time - she sells most of these in her groovy little shop as originals, prints or cute little notecards!
Even her blog signature showcases her cute artwork and design.

Here's where you can find more about Kate...



Secondly, I have the beautiful Jodie of Polka Dot Creative sharing what's on her desk...

"This is my work space as of today.  It’s the perfect example of my creative chaos right now. Blogging on Polka Dot Creative website up. Paper work piled up on the left hand side. Tubes of gouche, a selection of sumi brushes and pots of gesso. Brush script work, square punches and chalk. A collective of my creative now. And I LOVE IT!!!!"

Seriously - this woman is a constant source of inspiration to me. Check out the latest awesomeness from this chick - her brush script pieces!

Here is where you can find more about Jodie...

Well, ain't that grand!

A big thank you to Kate and Jodie for sharing your piccies at such late notice - total gems!
I just LOVE sharing the love :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. When I left school Friday I know I left a mass of papers in the center. Good thing you didn't ask me what's on my desk! ;-)

  2. Great guest posts! My desk looks similar!

  3. Thank you for sharing my pics honeybunch. Hope you have a great weekend. IMPRESSED by this blogging every day in May. Whoa! I'm a wee bit behind on my updating. All in good time. xo


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