Christmas Countdown 2012...

11:57 PM

60 days to go!
Wow, time is ticking away.
Today I would like to focus on 'the home during the festive season'.
Traditional vs Modern
Or do you like a bit of an eclectic feel to your Christmas home decorating?
I'm the eclectic type when it comes to decorating my home at ANY time. Abit of modern here and abit of vintage there. And a dash of granny chic in that place and something really retro over there!
For Christmas, I do still shake it around abit but I am mostly fairly traditional in my colour scheme - I cannot make myself do the pink tree, or the blue and white look (although I like that look  in normal everyday circumstances -but it just doesn't feel Christmasy enough for me). But that doesn't mean I wouldn't adore it at your place - in no way am I shunning those that do it that way!!  Christmas to me is RED and GREEN!! I cannot seem to stray away in that regard. I have gone as far as a lime green and raspberry red but that's it! LOL :-)
Christmas Tree 300x225 More Christmas Trivia
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You could probably do without it - Christmas would still be okay without any fuss over decorating BUT...
How much fun would you be missing out on!!
I just love the frivolity of it and the ability to make eyes light up with glee and childish giggles escape our littlies!
Putting up a tree. Making it sparkle and shine with bright lights, glistening baubles, dangly decorations, curly candy canes, shimmery tinsel, and...
Whatever tickles your fancy really.
There are those that have a very strategic, themed look to their Christmas tree decorating which always looks SO grand!
Our Christmas Tree?
Is generally a hodge podge of different things just hanging willy nilly over the tree as we see fit to put them! But you know what?
And being the creative that I am, I am very much in favour of anything handmade. Over the years, I always have good intentions to get some decorations made but being the mother of small children and all that can entail plus every other thing jammed into life...
I just plain run out of time.
Last year I whipped up a VERY cheap and easy couple of decorations.
Some cardboard baubles.
Yes, they are flat.
I basically just cut a couple of circles out of some cardboard I had lying around, cut a slit in the top to thread through the hanging ribbon. Cut up a couple of strips of Christmasy looking fabric and stuck that on the cardboard (trimmed it up real nice). Then stuck on some strips of blingy diamantes!
Simple - YES!
Cheap - Heck yeah!
Groovy - Well I thought so!
I still love them.
Other decorations that I love and just HAVE to have on the tree, are ones that the kids have made.
These ones are particularly cute and meaningful.
Sprout made these ones at her first year at Playgroup!
It's just a circle covered with foil, painted over with red or green paint. Then the kids just use a cotton bud to make patterns in it and sprinkle glitter on it to make it sparkly.
I am sure that over the years, there will be many more kiddy decorations to add to our tree which is all right by me :-)
In the spirit of handmade, I have been determined this year to make some decorations for this years decorating efforts! I always like to have at least one new decoration (whether bought or handmade) on the tree each year.
So last night/today I whipped up this cute little number...
It's not perfect but I like the rustic wonky look to the cutting.
Here's a quick run down of what I did...
For Starters...
I cut out four different sized pieces of felt/fabric that would layer down from big circle to little circle.
A button and a needle & thread was also needed.

 As seen in the photos, it was just a matter of layering the different sizes of felt/fabric from biggest to smallest circle [the fabric will need to be fray stopped as it is starting to de-thread abit but until I get some, I will just have to be really gentle with it for now ;-)]. I then sewed the cute little wooden tree button (you can find these on Etsy at Skull Buttonry) into the middle which keeps it all together. I then cut out a piece of the fabric the same size as the back circle, found some thin cream rick-rack and stitched that to the unpatterned side. I applied glue to this piece and placed the layered circles on it to stick it together.
 I plan to make a few more of these in different solids and patterned fabrics.
Or they can be made with just felt.
Quick and easy.
I like :-)
What do you think?
There are many ideas out there for different decorations and ideas on filling up your home with festive fancies!
Online tutorials, how-to sheets in shops, and BOOKS - heaps of books.
I would like to show you my fave Christmas decoration book that I have purchased this year...
I first saw this book another Christmas ago on Mel's blog, One Crafty Mumma.
I never jumped straight away to get it because I wasn't convinced that I would like it as I had never really had much to do with felt.
But as I have developed abit more of a 'friendship' with felt, I was eager to get this book into my possesion. And I don't regret it!
Here is a little sneaky peak into some things inside...
You can find the book for sale online HERE with free shipping.
And don't forget Pinterest. There is a bounty of ideas and tutorials linked up on there.
You can follow my pinboard devoted to Christmas labelled 'The Festive Season' HERE.
Check it out!
What is your decorating style? Are you the traditional type or have you embraced some more modern ideas and colourings?
Seeya again for this segment in ten days.
Take care.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Hi Anna,
    I am enjoying your Countdown to Christmas posts.
    I am a red and green girl too and love handmade decorations.

  2. Hi Jaki. Thanks so much. These posts are also helping ME to get organised and to make some lovely pretties for the festive time of year! Glad you are enjoying these posts!

  3. i love the handmade look as well.this year I am having a smaller tree with just handmade older ornaments .cant wait-love dee


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