A Long-Awaited Quilt...

6:03 PM

I would have liked to have started the new year off with brand new 'stuff' but I just can't NOT post about this particular quilt from last year...

I remember as a young girl, watching my Mum cut out a copious amount of hexagons out of fabrics only the 80s and 90s could come up with. It was intended to be a bed spread for me but she never got it finished. Until...

My 29th birthday!
Which I celebrated in October last year (2011).
She packaged it up and stuffed it into my sister's suitcase who was coming over here to visit and spend my birthday with me (YAY!!)
When I saw it - I was soooo, well, I was sooo flippin' excited and thrilled with it! Who wouldn't be?
Take a look at it -

What made it even better, was that she had also backed it with an old quilt cover she and Dad used to have on their bed (which, of course, I rememer also). It really does bring back a lot of memories and holds a great amount of sentimental value!
I can even remember what some of the fabrics came from - I am pretty sure one of the prints were once a pair of pyjamas I had and some others were once Dad's shirts.
Here is a close up:
Can you see why it's so special?!
Don't exactly know where to put it to use or display yet! Needs to be a very special place or use!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. WOW Anna, that is amazing. How beautiful that you were gifted a quilt so full of memories for you. It is amazingly beautiful and I am so thrilled for you. I love it and can totally see why you do too. xx Janelle

  2. Oh that is so wonderful! Brought a smile to my face reading this! Thanks also Anna for visiting my new Greatest View blog xx


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