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4:51 PM

A special day.
My Nan is 75 years old today!
Fancy that! Seventy-five years of life.
An abundant and blessed life at that I might add! I am sure Nan would agree.
She has been married to the same man, my dear Pop, for almost 58 years (I think!) and they are still very much devoted to one another.
She has birthed and raised 6 children with Pop by her side. One of these children was my Dad (pictured below - first fella in the shot with the black shirt)!
From these children, she has been given 23 grandchildren and from these has 18 great-grandchildren (if I've counted correctly).
What a lineage!
Today I miss my family. If I was back in Tassie, I would have gone and visited Nan and Pop or we would have had a meal to celebrate the big event with everyone! But I am not there - and that is ok because this is where we have chosen to live so I have to be thankful for what I have got!
I am very thankful for my Nan. She has always been a great example of love, devotion, hospitality, compassion and faith.
She loves God, her husband, her family and her friends.
She is generous and compassionate.
I have always admired how she could whip up a tasty meal. She would always have some goodies in the freezer that she could grab out and use on the table - something I have always aspired to do but have not acheived this as yet!!
I know that she and Pop pray for each and every one of their growing family. I love that they are devoted to their faith and want the best for each member of their clan!
I love Nan's adventurous and humourous spirit. Not adverse to a good joke and a bit of a good old stir! My Nan can be just a tad cheeky I say :-)
Good times have been had and many memories have been made over the years:
Sleepovers at their house with other cousins. Big family get togethers (to which there is never a lack of noise). Listening in on conversations between Nan and her sister, Joan as a young kid - they were always such deep and meaningful conversations about life and their faith - I got ALOT out of them!
I am so grateful for such an amazing woman as my Nan.
She's the only Nan I've got left on this earth!
So Nan...
I love you.
And I cherish every memory I have had with you so far and hope for many more!
Happy Birthday!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. How beautiful Anna. How wonderful to honour your Nan with such a special blog post. Do you know your Nan is exactly the same age as mu Mum, and she sounds very similar to my Mum too. They are very special, I agree. Happy Birthday to you Nan xx


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