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2:56 PM

The other week I put together this cute little 'journal in a box'.
I had seen this kind of idea before but was reminded again when seeing it on Mel's blog HERE.
She also has the link to the proper instructions on how to make this delightful little memento!
So here is mine...

^The supplies: a box (gift box from Red Dot), index/system cards (enough for 365 or 366 days actually), a stamp inkpad and a date stamp, and 12 postcards (any sort that tickle your fancy really)!

 I used some cards that I liked (my favourite being the Disney one above - couldn't pass that up when I found it in the opshop card box!!). I cut the backs off and then cut down all cards to a size that would fit nicely into the box.
 Then I started stamping, arranging and journalling.
I like the whole concept of writing one line (sometimes it has been two but I've told myself it's NOT allowed to go over that) for each day every year. I think it will be interesting to look back on in years to come and see what we got up to, how we have evolved and changed as a family and individuals, and just seeing how different each year is!

So that's my cute little calender 'journal in a box'.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Hi Anna! I've been thinking about doing this project myself for awhile, thanks for the prompt :)
    If you want to reply with your mailing address I have photocopied that Afghan recipe for you and will pop it in the mail :)

  2. Oh I saw something like this on Pinterest and was tempted . . . but I'm sooo bad at keeping up with these sorts of projects! I love it though!


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