Mr Owl...

10:07 AM

I love crafting where there is no rules and involves lots of imagination!
It's fun to Just Create!!
Crafting with kids always seems to be this way - it's probably why I enjoy it so much.
Which brings me to the subject of this post...
The creation of Mr Owl by Sprout and myself.
The story begins with me walking into the lounge room near to Sprout's bedtime to find her on the couch tearing up an old newspaper. On questioning her why she feels the need to do this she replies, "I'm going to make a dog"! I don't know what kind of image was in her mind how to make a dog out of shredded paper but it got my mind ticking.
So instead of growling her and sending her to her bedroom (as it was bedtime) I decided to make the most of the situation and treat it differently.
So I growled her and then made something!! Ha!
Well I had to growl her cos she didn't ask before tearing up the paper. And I can't resist the chance to craft and create!!
So here we go...

 I grabbed some supplies - brown paper bag and patty pans from the kitchen drawer and a length of string.
I took them into Sprout and she looked at me curiously.
'Let's make a dog!' I said.
Her face lit up!! (Love that!)
We stuffed the bag with the shredded paper, tied it with the string, and I also used some of the pieces of the paper to staple on some ears. We then sticky-taped on the patty pans as eyes!
Now, I can hear you saying 'But I thought it was an owl?'
Yes, you are quite right. What started out as a dog quickly turned into an owl cos it looked ALOT more like one! Had an image in my mind but didn't quite work so I switched animals! See - no rules and Sprout was happy either way!
So the beak was added and some eye balls drawn on!
 Of course, every owl needs wings so strips of the paper were used for that too. And Sprout wanted to add her artistic touch in drawing some hair on :-)
And so...
The creation of Mr Owl was done!
And he sits on his perch on the couch ;-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


P.S. Then Sprout went to bed!!

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  1. Oh thats awesome! great work guys.

  2. Hi Anna
    Cute owl :-)
    and you live in esperance???? lucky you.
    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. I think my daughter would absolutely LOVE to make something like this - thanks for the idea Anna! x


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