Just Letting You Know...

12:28 PM

That I am still plugged in!
Been a while since I've been here but I assure you there is good reason why!!
Let me tell you...

1. Hubby finished up in his last job, we helped with the clearance sale and moved house and hubby started his new job on another farm an hour away from where we used to live.
2. Sickness. I am generally not well alot of the time (that's a whole other blog post) and tiredness does not help that. Feels like I just can't get on top of it. To add to that, both girls were teething again right around when we were moving so unpacking the house has been a very slow process as my attention has been needed elsewhere!! Sprout is getting her 4 year old molars (she's pretty good with it all though) and Little Sparkle now has eight teeth (before we moved she only had two!!) In hindsight, she hasn't been too bad, just really clingy and whingy when the teeth are popping through which means...I can't get anything done!! But I'm their mother - it's my job to be there for them. SO I AM!!
3. Every other thing that happens in life. Motherhood is a full-time job and everything else has to fit into life somewhere too. So I've been juggling all that as well.

Sounds like I'm whinging. Well, I'm not really. Just explaining why I haven't been around much lately!
 I have a full life, not always fun but I'm happy! I wouldn't give my kids up for the world and I wouldn't wanna live without my wonderful husband.
Sometimes life does seem a tad confusing and you start wondering about what you could do better or differently. To be honest, there is much of these questions that hubby and I are rolling around at the moment; questions about what we can do to get better financially, what we can do better with the kids, our lifestyle etc.
I hope to get back into blogging regularly and get this side of my life (which I really enjoy) up and running the way I want it to. I have managed to dabble in some creative activities - predominantly crocheting and knitting. I've got the Crochet Fever! I'll share some of that later on.
And I hope to post about some of the afore mentioned issues in my life, with a positive spin. It's not ALL negative. I assure you it's not!!

Well, I WILL be back at some point.
Thanks for dropping by.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Hi Beautiful. How did you go with the little Blythe Hoodie.Have you finished yet. I'm about to start hooking too, its meditative.

    1. Ha! No not yet finished. I got a tad stuck but only just talked to Mum on Skype and she has helped me out for the next little bit! Until i get stuck again - hehe! Once I finish it I can breeze through the other ones I knit!! Will share on blog and IG when I finish, FINALLY!


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