Kids Love The Outdoors...

10:56 PM

Well, mine sure do!
This is what happened the other weekend...

Now what kid doesn't like sprinklers or any other kind of water fun? Well, there are probably some who don't - but my 3 and a half year old LOVES it!
Here, I had just dressed her ready to go into town later...
Look at that drenched, blissfully happy grin!
There is just no room to be perterbed.
Yes, she needed a shower. Yes, I had to select another outfit for her to get changed into. Yes, she kept nagging me to do it all again (one guess as to the answer!) but she's a little girl with a love for the outdoors. I was definitely happy to watch her running free, giggling amidst the sprinkly sprays of water!
She's growing up.
I need to hold onto the sounds of girly giggles, silly voices, hilarious antics, and even the whiny nagging. These moments need to be held on to...

As for holding onto special moments - some major holding here!
This girl is developing new skills and abilities every day. It has always been said that the second (and so on) children grow up quicker but I didn't think it would be THIS fast. It's like DON'T BLINK OR YOU'LL MISS IT type thing!
Ten months old. Doing everything but walking ( can't quite work out how to step!).
She has the most gorgeous toothy, scrunchy nose grin that she just bedazzles you with.
And she has a very unique growl. Gotta hear it - can't explain it, but it's rather amusing.
And she also loves being outside. She hears the screen door and she is there trying to get out too.
She's not gonna miss out on any of the fun. NO SIRREE!!

Love my kids :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. So true, they grow way too fast! Every moment is precious!!


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