Some Exciting Finds...

5:39 PM

I am in love with Op Shopping!
My most recent find has been something I have been wanting for a while.
We took a well deserved break after harvest and took our caravan away on a small trip! I have visited the local Salvo store here before and wanted to go there again because I knew it was good! Walking in the doors, I can't seem to describe the excitement welling up in side of me. It's all about the thrill of the seek - Oh the possibilites!! You never know what you will find!
I love it!

And it was worth it!
Not only did I come out with a great big pile of summer clothes (skirts, shorts and a couple of tops) but at the last minute, I spied with my little eye...

I have been wanting a small suitcase to house Sprout's dolls clothes and WO-LAH...
It is old (of course) and you can tell it has been used (one hinge needs fixing/replacing and there is abit of rust) but you expect that with these kinda suitcases! Well I do anyway. Adds character!
But that's not all.
It was also filled with...

This very retro green complete picnic set.
And all for $6!!
I'm happy!
And I can't go without showing you this awesome little bit of thrifty goodness. This also was found at the last minute at one of my usual op-shops I visit at my usual town :-)
It was sitting in the window with a $5 price tag which I didn't even think twice about cos I so wanted this totally awesome and cute little...

cane dolly chair!
I would love to have one in my size aswell. As a baby, I was photographed in one of these large chairs at my grandparents place and looking back on the photos, I have always coveted the chair.
So to find this little one was heart-stoppingly glorious!
Well I'm excited!! Can't half tell hey?!!

looks like a comfy, relaxing place for a particular little friend hey?!!
But you can meet her another day - I promise ;-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. what great finds. One thing I miss out here is the opshops & my bargains. (:
    M xx

  2. O wow, that suitcase and picnic set are fabulous!! I now suddenly want to go Op Shopping!!!!!

  3. I LOVE opp shops, next time your in tas you MUST go to ulvie and wynyard opp shops... I've probably picked them clean though.... Love the suitcase, I have a stack of vintage suitcases in my craft room - ones for all my wool, another for crafty bits. Am even working on an idea to incorporate one into our caravan of Wrighteousness. Such a great find!


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