Turning 30 Giveaways #3 - WINNER...

9:00 PM

Well, this is the third and final Giveaway winner announcement for my Turning 30 Celebrations!
And the WINNER is...
what a lovely outfit. My girls are so neglected these days :(
I love to sew but have little patience for tiny dolls clothes lately.
Thanks for the giveaway :)

This dress and hat outfit is ALL YOURS - or really for your Blythe dolls ;-)
I am completely sure that your dolls will enjoy this outfit!
Both items are sooo totally sweet!

Please email your address to annamayde@ourinfo.biz and I will be sure to pop these in the mail ASAP!
And that concludes my birthday giveaways.
I have had a delightful day.
Thank you all for sharing in it! I appreciate you all.
Please come again soon.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Oh thank you. What a lovely surprise, my girls will be over joyed. I will share a cute photo when the parcel arrives. Must thank Melissa Goodsell for putting me onto your blog
    x cinti

    1. No worries Cinti. Look forward to seeing a photo! And thanks again for popping by my blog :-)


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