She Came To Stay - For A Little While...

11:19 PM

Yesterday, we said farewell to my eldest little sister.
She had been here for 3 and a half weeks!
She arrived on the bus from Perth on October 1st...

There was a lot of cooking happenin' as she loves to cook!
Lots of playing around with my girls (her precious nieces), reading them books, and always plenty of cuddles.
There was a trip to the beach on a hot day!
Sprout got to help her Auntie Jess in the kitchen with some cooking which was a highlight. I think the gingerbread biscuits were the favourite!
There were plenty of town trips and Macca's meals! And, of course, SHOPPING! I bought her an iPhone cover similar to mine in purple which she LOVED!
She came with us to the local annual Agricultural Show...and got really badly sunburnt across her neck and shoulders! Tsk Tsk ;-)
There were many moments outdoors - watching the kids play, or blowing bubbles!
We just enjoyed every moment together as much as we could.

 And then, all too soon, it was time to say goodbye!

And off she went...
 It was lovely to have the extra company. So admittedly, I did feel rather lonely yesterday getting back into life the way it was before she came. I have been spoiled with family visits over the last couple of months:-)
But today, I'm OK! She arrived back safely in Tassie today and we skyped!
And it wasn't as sad as it usually would be anyway because...
It means it's only 2 more months until I see them all again when I go back home to Tassie!
Bring it on!
Hope you are well and happy!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Sisters are the best...mine live close just relocated from Tassie last October and I love her being back close with her clan. xxx


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