Christmas Countdown...

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80 more days to go!
Christmas decorations, gift ideas/displays, delicious Christmas foods that will tantalise the tastebuds are all creeping into the shops and magazines!
It is all right there, in our faces - giving nobody any doubt that...
I am focusing this post on Christmas Lists.
First up...
Christmas CARD lists.
Christmas Card List
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I have a Christmas Card List all ready composed. Each year I will edit the list as I see fit to do so. When constructing your list for sending out Christmas Cards, it is important to decide first how far you go in the family and friend line. Do you want to send one to the Great Aunts and Uncles? The relatives you only see more regularly through the year or ALL of them regardless of how much time you have or haven't spent together? The friends you used to have at school or just the ones you keep in touch with?
Christmas is a special time. It's a time that many people use to catch up with people they haven't caught up with at any other time of the year. This is usually done through sending a Christmas card.
But - some lists can be blown out so you need to firmly set a line of where you stop :-)
On my list, I have included the majority of my cousins (and that is quite a lot in itself!), Auntie's and Uncle's (for both Mr Awesome & myself), Grandparents, Parents, brothers and sisters, close friends (like the ones we actually keep in contact with through the year either by phone, person, or social media) and the only Great Aunts/Uncles I send a card to is the brother and sister of my late Pop who we have always had a meal & get-together with every year since he passed (and now that I have moved away, I would like to keep in touch)!!
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As for Christmas cards, there are many options these days.
1. You can make them yourself.
2. You can buy them either separately or in packs.
3. You can send e-cards.
And for content, it can be as simple or elaborate as you please.
Most people opt for a simple greeting and festive wishes written in the card. But there are many who are also including photos and letters.
For a few years, I did photo cards. I took a family photo and either attached onto a card or I bought packets of cards that are ready for you to slip the photo into. These are always lovely to see.
Last year, I decided to just select a card for each person/people (either store bought or previously handmade) from my box. I had constructed and typed up a small little written letter stating a few highlights and news from our year with some small photos from throughout that year too - and stuck it on the inside of the card with a handwritten message as usual. This is always a hit! I had plenty of positive feedback about how people loved reading our little news sheet :-)
It's quite enjoyable sending out cards.
And then, it is also really fun seeing who you receive cards from every year. I find that it is different every year. There are a few 'regulars' which is lovely but sometimes there is a few thrown in that you weren't expecting - and that is always lovely too!
And just a little added extra...
Storage of cards.
Do you like to keep your pile of Christmas cards from each year? Do they take up space in some cupboard or drawer with no particular organisation at all? Well...
There is a solution.
Last year I decided to put all my cards together and make them into a kind of scrapbook of sorts.
At some stage I might try and blog a step-by-step how-to. It's really quite easy and such a nifty little idea on how to effectively and creatively store your Christmas cards. And you could even put the little 'booklets' out each year for display as a decoration!
Now for...
Christmas GIFT lists.
I still haven't written my Christmas Gift List.
Some of you might be the kind of people who just see or think of something for someone, buy it, wrap it and that's that! Done.
But there are others who require a little more structure and planning :-) And that is where the list helps ALOT!
When constructing my list (which I am planning to get to THIS WEEK as I have already bought some items for people's presents so I need to record this so I don't double up!!) - I am planning on making it so that it is usable year by year.
To further explain - I don't want to have to re-write the list of people to buy for every year. We have a set amount of gift recipients and I would like to write these names down and then have a page for each year (maybe for the next five years) in a folder that I list their gifts (as well as for their birthday gifts) for each year. That way, I can look back and see what I have given people which will also help in not doubling up! I'd hate to give a birthday present to someone and give them the same thing for Christmas! How embarrassing! LOL :-/
I'll post how I go with photos once I have put all this together.
Again, with this list, you need to set your line of where you stop. Buying presents can be quite exxy so you don't want to be busting the budget and bank balance buying for EVERYBODY.
Sometimes, a Christmas card will suffice for some. Others, you could make something, little or big, from your craft stash which would cost you less whilst using up some supplies that were just waiting to be used :-)
So you need to think about it!
Our gift list is limited to only our immediate families - our parents, brothers and sisters, and nephews. And I always buy for my bestie cos I just can't NOT get her something. She's my best mate and I like to celebrate our friendship by giving!
Another thing to think about and set a limit with is COST.
Our general rule, is around $20 each.
It would be handy to talk to family members, friends or others you give to and work out a spending limit on gift giving. Then there is no competition or comparison of gifts etc - and NO CONFUSION or PRESSURE for you, the buyer!
And then...
Set about purchasing or making these gifts.
Next Countdown post, I will put together some wrapping ideas.
Till then, take care and happy list making :-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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