Christmas Countdown 2012...

4:44 PM

Only 70 days to go...
Or actually it's 68 now because I am late in posting this!
Sorry :-/
Getting right in to it!
Today we are talking GIFT WRAPPING!
I thought I would show you firstly how I am going to wrap our Christmas gifts this year.
I am (and have never been) great at wrapping gifts. It never looks neat and even, no matter how hard I try.
For the purpose of this post I was very glad that the one gift I have bought was a straight box that wasn't too hard to wrap.

I have chosen a very simple method of wrapping gifts this year. I don't like to have to take too much trouble but want them to look fairly nice and presentable! So I liked this wrapping idea.
I have a few rolls of brown paper so I decided to use that as the base wrapper and tizzy up with string and a label made of green scrapbooking card (which can be red or any other colour that you prefer - maybe a lovely Christmas patterned scrapbooking paper one!)
This is what I did...
1. Wrapped the present.
Now for the string...

 I used two stray pieces of bakers twine in Christmas colours that I had in my craft supplies.
I stuck down the pieces of twine at the back of the present leaving the end of the twine at the top of the gift so I could tie it there when finished wrapping around it. I wrapped both pieces of twine around twice and tied them securely at the top of the gift close together. At the bottom of the gift, I spread the twine apart about 1.5cm gap. I secured that with sticky tape too.
Hopefully the pictures make it more clear for you ;-)
Here's what it looks like now...
It's a Christmas tree shape!
Now for the label...
I decided that I would use the letter that starts the gift recipient's name as the label on the present.
I cut the letter out of the green card I had on hand and stuck it in the right bottom corner. I then just used a black pen and outlined around the letter for emphasis.

You can leave it like this or you could write the rest of the letters of the name somewhere near the letter like this...
Just in case you have another person with the same letter to start their name and you want to avoid confusion.
I am very happy with my gift wrapping this year.
And if you don't like this idea, I thought I would also share a few links to some other great wrapping ideas that I thought looked pretty dandy as well...
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[ source ]

[ source ]
[ source ]
[ source ]
Hope your Christmas planning is going well.
Until next time,
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. LOVING the string and label on your wrapping Anna and thank you so much for linking my tutorial too :)


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