Hello Monday...

5:30 PM

I am following along with Lisa Leonard's regular Hello Monday posts.
Here we go for another week...
HELLO to more sunshine in my kitchen window.
HELLO to more beachy fun.
HELLO to fun reading - this time from my crafty pile of books :-)
HELLO to a pile of cute buttons from Skull Buttonry on Etsy. Look forward to using them in future projects :-)
HELLO to more mess moving! In an attempt to organise my house and acheive more simple living I am being fairly ruthless!
HELLO to one slightly fat lip and sore chin. This little one had a bump with the TV table this morning. There was blood. Which upset her big sister. So I had two kids crying.
All is good now though :-)
HELLO to Christmas Countdown.
Make sure you come back here tomorrow for the next instalment :-)
And HELLO to the week of my 30th birthday! Yay!
On Wednesday I will get to open these lovely pressies!
And as an added celebration for my birthday, I am hosting some Turning 30 Giveaways here on my blog.
Make sure you enter for a chance to win some goodies!
Also, check out the Etzcetera blog to see what Kim is saying Hello to this lovely Monday :-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. And hello Anna! Love reading what you have been up to! And hey a BIG happy birthday to you! You're just a youngin! Have a great birthday week.

    1. Thanks Kim. I'm having fun doing these posts! And thanks for birthday wishes. I'm quite excited - the giveaways on my blog have helped with that too :-)

  2. happy birthday week.

    1. Thanks heaps :-) Hope to see you back here again! I have followed your blog too so I can keep checking up on your Hello Monday posts and other things. Your photos are gorgeous!

  3. Hopped over from Lisa's blog. Happy Birthday and Happy Monday!

  4. Thank you Rita! Lovely to see you here :-) You enjoy your week too!


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