Hello Monday...

9:51 PM

I am joining in on a regular weekly blog post called Hello Monday.
It originated from Lisa Leonard's blog and just showcases things every Monday that you are saying 'Hello' to that week.
So here I go...

HELLO to the beautiful beaches around where I live. You are truly breathtaking to look at. I suppose we will be dipping our toes into your waters soon as the weather heats up!

HELLO to relaxing moments & happy faces!
HELLO to fresh sheets!
HELLO to yummy treats!
HELLO to a new book to add to my pile of 'simple living' reading.
HELLO to something EXCITING and SPECIAL coming up on my blog this week.
 And HELLO to more fun times with this chick...my big little sister. She arrived last Monday (Oct 1st) and for the last week has pottered around the kitchen making delectable treats for us and spending time with her nieces (and putting up with their daily feral-ness!)
And my feral-ness too I might add. Have had a rough week. But THIS week...
Is going to be better. It's gotta be!
What are you saying hello to this week?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Oooh - I loved reading your hello Monday post Anna!!! I saw Antonia Kidman interviewed on TV and I'm keen to read her book too..AND I love fresh sheets also!!!
    Have a great week with your sister...


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