She Turned Four...

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This post is a tad late in coming but I wanted to make sure I recorded it as I did the same for little Sparkle's day back in June.
And since my birthday is coming up soon, I thought I'd better do it now before the big day arrives ;-)
A month ago, my firstborn turned FOUR years old.
Wow! Time flies!
For her birthday this year, we had a LaLaLoopsy party which we held the day before her actual birthday. It was all made extra special because her Poppi, Gran, and Auntie were here to share the days with her as well!
Saturday 8th September 2012
Party Day

 We had prettied the place up with bought and made decorations.
 Birthday Girl was dressed up in her LaLaLoospy dress and jewellery, hair done and ready for her party guests! She was so excited!

 And they DID arrive. The food came out and they all sat around the telly and watched Cars 2 while they ate!!

 Time for Games!
Pin the piggy tails on the LaLaLoopsy - this created quite a few laughs. It was a hit!
And you can never go wrong with Pass the Parcel - especially if there is chocolate frogs on each layer!
It was time for the CAKE :-)

 There were lots of Oohs and Aahs at cake time and plenty of smiles and happy bellies!
Birthday Party - A Success!
Sunday 9th September 2012
The Real Day!
 It was pretty much morning routine as usual.
Then we all got ready and headed into town. We wandered through the markets with Poppi, Gran and Auntie Sarah. Then we all had a play in the park AND some beach fun!

And NO birthday is complete without...
Back at home, we topped the day off with PRESENTS!!

 And of course, there was a LaLaLoopsy doll involved. I don't think she could believe it for a little while. But Poppi helped her undo the box and Miss Rosy Bumps & Bruises was the in thing for the rest of the day! Little Sparkle took a shining to her as well. Bless her!
And that was my big girl's special day :-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...
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  1. Anna I LOVE your cake decoration! super sweet!


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