Hello Monday - 22 Oct 2012...

9:25 PM

I am following along with Lisa Leonard's regular Hello Monday blog posts.
So here is what I am saying 'hello' to this week...
HELLO to my girls having fun at Playgroup.
HELLO to dandy new ornaments. This owl incense burner is still yet to find his proper dwelling place within our home...but right now I am enjoying him propped up on my bedside table!
HELLO to new and healthy recipes to try. These are called Bliss Balls and although they do look like well-formed dollops of something else they really are quite a tasty morsel. Hoping to try some other healthy snack food recipes through the week :-)
HELLO to a gorgeous cover page on one of my fave mags!
HELLO to a cute little notepad that sticks on my fridge. No more searching for spare pieces of loose paper around the place to make a quick note. Thanks Sarah & Ben - great birthday present :-)
HELLO to a new top I am keen to wear when the right occasion presents itself. It was a birthday gift from my parents. Love it!
HELLO to some more crochet time.
HELLO to bright, warm evenings perfect for backyard playtime and...BUBBLES!
HELLO to potty training. At this stage, we are just introducing our 16 month old to the potty. She knows you sit on it with no nappy on. She was rather distressed when she was standing right in FRONT of the potty in a puddle of piddle though! Oh SO CLOSE! LOL ;-)
And - yes - we are using the 'look!-dolly-is-doing-it-too!' approach. Haha!
HELLO to goodbyes :-( On Friday we will say farewell to my sister who has been visiting here for 3 and a 1/2 weeks. So we will be making the most of the next few days!
HELLO to only 2 more months until we see the whole family again in Tassie! Woohoo!
What are you saying 'hello' to this week?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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