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In 1 week, it will be my 30th birthday!
As I have gotten older, I have realised that birthdays can tend to creep up on you, arrive, and pass way too quickly with not much hoo-hah at all.
But I think birthdays are special and need to be celebrated properly!
So I have been thinking for a while now on how I could make this birthday even more special AND considering it is, what most would consider, a milestone birthday (I always consider the start of a new decade a milestone - don't you?) - it HAD to be something fairly big and fun for ALL!!
And I came up with the BEST idea!
Birthdays are generally viewed as a time to celebrate and for giving - Soooo...
Why not host a giveaway on my blog for my birthday!?!
So without much further ado, I hereby declare my...
Yes, not just ONE but THREE giveaways will be up for grabs!!
One giveaway for each decade of my life. Cute huh!?! hehe
What will happen is:
Each giveaway will be announced in its own separate blog post over the next few days so keep popping back so you don't miss out!
Each giveaway post will showcase the item/s up for grabs and list the options on how and what you need to do to enter.
Come on and have some fun.
Spread the word so all can join in.
 And let's make a bit of HOO-HAH!!
Stay tuned...
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. 30 is exciting... early happy birthday

    1. Thanks Bron! I'm looking forward to my 30's. Should be good :-)


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