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You may remember the post quite some time back about the quilt my Mum gave me for my 29th birthday. You can read about it HERE.

It is the most gorgeous hexagon quilt and I LOVE it. It is our caravan quilt at this stage which I think looks great in there!
My Mum has always been a sewer/crafter. As young as I can remember, Mum used to sew up baby bibs and clothing, decorate soaps, etc and sell them. She used to sew our clothes. My sister and I as littlies, used to have some matching outfits - I remember some cute little blue and pink floral patterned overalls that Mum made for both Jess and I and the photo of us in them in front of a flower bed in our backyard. Hmmm - must find that photo :-)
She used to make and mend costumes for a local costume shop in Hobart where we lived at the time. I remember walking into this shop with Mum and her latest 'jobs' to hand in. We would climb the stairs to the shop, walk in the door and enter this new world. Looking around there were weird and wonderful outfits all hung up ready to transform someone into Little Red Riding Hood or even the Wolf, an old fashioned maid, King Kong, or even someone from the pages of Pride and Prejudice! And on the shelves above there were masks and different headware like wizards, witches and clowns. It was all abit fascinating and scary at the same time. But a fond memory.
I remember our lounge room floor being swamped with piles of bedspreads/mattress covers (or whatever they were) from the dorm rooms of a Camp Facility. They all needed to be 're-elasticated'. Mum got us all in on it and I remember all sitting around in the lounge area threading elastic on a safety pin right around the new edges Mum had sewn for these mattress protectors. Again...fond memory.
As the years went by Mum continued to create things whether it be quilts or patchwork items, knitted goods, sewn garments or other things. She also scrapbooked and still makes her own scrapped cards!
She taught me how to knit, we have scrapbooked together, and stitched and attended patchwork groups and other crafty workshops. I love that we share this common love of the creative world! I love that my home also has pieces of my Mum in it that she has created.
She did it again!
Last Christmas, part of Sprout's present was 'missing' as Mum had not finished it yet.
Fast forward to Mum, Dad and Sarah's visit here last month and Sprout received a very special gift when they arrived.

A Noah's Ark quilt.
Which both girls loved and stamped on it and laid all over it on the floor! LOL!
It was a Block of the Month package.
And here is a photo that Mum took to take back and show her 'Patchwork Ladies'...

Mum said she spent many hours handstitching things into place and even hand quilted on some parts! Lots of work went into it which makes it even more special!
It's so gorgeous! It currently sits on the back of the reading chair in the girls' room!
I just love handmade goodies!
And now I have more of my Mum's handiwork added to my home!
What is your most favourite handmade piece of goodness?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. thats mum is like that as well really crafty.i generally show her what i am doing and she will give it a try or vice versa-we are both very lucky-love dee x


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