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5:14 PM

Who inspires me?

This question is always a hard one to answer as I am constantly inspired by many people.
I find inspiration from many creative people.
I find inspiration in people who put themselves out there and make a go of something they are passionate about.
I am inspired by people who beat the odds.
I am inspired by the world around me and just living the everyday. 
My kids inspire me.
So does my man.
There are many things that I admire and am inspired by in my parents and my upbringing.
Sometimes I'm inspired by something on TV or in a magazine.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Inspiration is everywhere
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So what or who inspired you today?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I draw inspiration from many sources, too, it was hard to figure out how to approach this question.

  2. I agree this was one of the harder topics from Sunday's challenge, but I loved your answer Anna.


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