Blog Every Day In May - Day 9...

12:39 AM


Well, today I headed down to work and helped out hubby around the shop. Little one had to come too of course. Five top things about today...

1. Was able to spend the day with my hubby, even though we were working :-)

2. Our little Sparkle having fun playing around the place - the main one being, climbing onto a pallet of grain bags and hiding in the middle of the stack. Funny, daring kid this one!

3. Getting some washing done FINALLY - it's been wet here lately and was hopeless trying to get washing dry! Today it was a nice day and dried the load of clothes on the line and I was able to get more out!

4. Organising photos for a Project Life catch-up whilst watching The Voice re-runs and sipping away at a cup of chai tea.

5. Relaxing, knowing hubby (or me) doesn't have to go to work.

I love Fridays for that last point. We can just relax as a family and just chill out together.
I kind of shut off a little on a Friday evening and just take it easy - which is why I almost didn't post here on my little blog world but decided to pop in and keep in touch.

I really should be off to bed now though.
Nighty night beautiful ones xx

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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