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My dream job?


This could be many and varied.
I am a rather ambitious person - passionate and wanting to try my hand at lots of things!

When I Grow Up - Mace & Burton @ Marlborough Pub & Theatre

As a little kid, I wanted to be a shop keeper.
I also wanted to work in a bank.
Then an office chick.
As I got older, in my early teens, I wanted to be a mechanic. Yeah, pretty random, I know! Evidently, my ambitions did change again as high school went on.
In year 10, I was still unsure what I wanted to do but knew that I enjoyed office work. Timing would have it, that my parents had just opened their computer & communications business and they could hire me as an office trainee.
I trained and worked there for 2 years - acquired my certificate in business admin BUT...
it became clear this was NOT, in fact, my dream job.
I was happy enough in the job but my heart didn't sing, if you know what I mean.

I made an enquiry towards returning to pre-tertiary study and completing Year 11/12 as a mature age student. 
The answer was YES and that was that. I was enrolled into college studying subjects towards the medical field. At first I wanted to become a doctor, well actually a surgeon - and not just any surgeon...a paediatric surgeon! In picking my subjects, I baulked at the subject list for medicine - lack of confidence in my abilities probably, well most definitely for back then.
So I changed to nursing. I realised that this was more me and fitted my 'people helping' desires.
Turns out, I was not good enough to my assessor in the last unit of my 3 year university studies and she would not pass me. The actual nurses I had worked with were livid. They couldn't believe she wouldn't tick off all my competencies!
Yeah, some bad blood there. But I am not as hostile or hurt about this situation now as I was then. I can see it as part of the plan for my life and actually a good thing now. Time can do that hey!?!

I didn't return to nursing studies the next year. I got married.
I had been working as a Nursing Care Assistant in the Aged Care sector of our local hospital since my second year at uni. I continued working here after the whole uni/nursing fiasco.
It had become apparent I excelled in general nursing care. I always got top marks for that and had very high praise and recommendations from patients who would comment about my 'kind manner', 'happy face', 'positive aura', and, the one that spoke to me the most and affirmed my aspirations, 'a true nurse'.
These were all very encouraging things to hear and spurred me on to stay in the health industry - I just had to find my niche. I think I found it in aged care.

I left my position in 2008 when I was pregnant with my first child.
And I haven't been back to the workforce.
I've dabbled in volunteer work where able - in actual fact I have signed up as a volunteer ambo just recently. See! I seem to keep coming back to the medical field and helping people. I do feel strongly about it. And I have a feeling I could be onto a winner here, my calling maybe?

Also it's no secret that I am a crafter. Being creative is not just a hobby to me but a way of life. It's part of me; my outlet. I guess it would be a dream to be able to work and get paid for what I love to do. I do have goals and aspirations in this creative field - one day my dreams may come to fruition. Right now though, I'm living the dream with being part of a couple of creative teams. I'm having a blast and feel very fulfilled doing this.

Never stop dreaming quotes pink flowers paris stop dreaming never
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But since 2008, my main 'job' - if you can call it that - has been parenthood.
I've been a Mummy.
Motherhood really is a mixed bag. There are ups and downs. Like anything in life, there are positives and negatives.
But I will never regret having my two girls.
And you know what?
When I get old and grey and look back on my life,
I reckon I will realise that I was already living my dream job all along.

How about you?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Aww what a lovely post! It almost made me cry at the end! So sad about your nursing but like you say, perhaps it wasn't meant to be but it's obvious that you have a talent for caring. I'd love to be a stay at home mum...maybe, in the future, we may be in a position for me to do just that. Enjoy being a Mummy xx

  2. I so agree with you - that on reflection you will see right now you are doing your dream job. The money thing makes it soo tricky. Congrats on being part of the design teams and Im hoping crafting provides you with an income soon. Oh and this world couldn't run without volunteers!!


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