Blog Everyday In May - Day 3...

5:11 PM

Write a Less/More list.

gorgeous, i want one!

Ok, so I have just written things off the top of my head; things I want less or more of personally in my own life and for my family, things I want less or more of in the world, and just more or less of things in general really.
Here's my list...

LESS stress/worry MORE freedom/fun

LESS talk MORE action

LESS tv time MORE imaginative play (indoors OR outdoors)

LESS debt MORE savings

LESS clutter MORE space

LESS disarray MORE organisation

LESS war MORE peace

LESS unfairness MORE justice

LESS sickness MORE health

LESS junk food MORE nutritious/healthy food

LESS doubting MORE believing

LESS fear MORE brave

LESS hate MORE love

LESS evil MORE good

LESS quantity MORE quality

LESS insecurity MORE faith

LESS doubting MORE believing

LESS planning MORE spontaneity

LESS ignorance MORE knowledge

LESS sad MORE happy

What do you want MORE or LESS of?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. What a fantastic list, I think I could agree with most of those :)


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