Blog Everyday in May - Day 21...

9:45 PM

What's on my plate?

Ok. Well I interpreted this as what food is on my plate that I am eating today.

Well - for lunch...

Rice cakes with ham and cheese - the white 'ham' is chicken loaf and the pink ham is 'normal' ham. LOL ;-)

And on my plate for dinner...

Pub meal: Chicken Parmi, chips and salad. Oh, and a scotch and coke :-)
We had to do a delivery after work today so we all went and called into the pub on the way home for tea! 
The kids love it here cos they get ice cream for dessert as part of their meal!

I hope you have had a great day.
See ya tomorrow :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. when I saw your lunch, I felt a bit sad for you - too much discipline, I think. But your dinner photo made up for it times 20! I adore bar food. I adore anything with cheese melted on top! and my kiddos are the same (even my 15-year-old) - ice cream with the meal is a true selling point.

  2. I'm with Lisa, your lunch was sad. But everything got happy again with the pub grub. ;-)


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