Blog Everyday In May - Day 29...

8:54 PM

What have I said 'Yes' to today?

Well, today was town day.
For some reason, I dressed a little more snazzily saying YES to heeled boots and a necklace.
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing necklaces. I always have the best intentions to put some jewellery on but I just never get around to it - I was actually really proud of myself for remembering to put it on :-)
But the heels...
debating the whole 'good idea' thought ;-)
Mind you, they sounded rather classy clopping around the place. I don't know why, but the cloonk cloonk sound the heels make when you walk around just makes me feel so empowered! LOL!
I was strutting my stuff...for the first hour or so anyway! haha ;-)

Hmmmm - so what else have I said Yes to today...

Ooh - I said yes to chicken parmi for lunch, uh - - and chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce and icecream.
Yeah, I basically said YES to naughty eating today ;-) hehe

We are going away this weekend (long weekend here in Western Australia) which means long drives and spaces of time where the kids may need some extra entertainment so...
I said Yes to some new books, a puzzle, a couple of DVD's for the car, aaaannnnnd - -
A loom band kit!!!
Yes, I have succumbed!
I think I've done pretty well to hold out this long - don't you think!?! ;-)
The bracelets will only be for Miss J to make when Little K is napping or otherwise occupied cos that one will just mess it all over the place!! But I think Miss J will be totally stoked with it!

I was doing the whole YES! fist pump in the air that I got home before 5pm today. Town days can be late but it was quite an easy, efficient day today! Was glad to get home at a decent hour - YES!!!

Oh! And I almost forgot!
The weather here is turning pretty cold lately - heading into winter for sure now I think.
Anyway, I could NOT help myself when I saw these in the cheap shop today - -

This little just so flippin adorable!! 
Oink Oink.
And the one I got for Miss J makes her go Hoot Hoot ;-)

So YES it's been a great day!

Hope you have had a YES kinda day too.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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