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As mentioned last week, when I was linking up 5 blogs I like as part of Sunday's blogging challenge prompt, I am back again this fine Friday with my weekly...

You may have remembered me describing my dream job back on Monday, or what it would be if I could define it. Well -- if I was to have a 9-5 job, this chick is living my dream job.

It's all about embracing the selfie and celebrating our own beauty right here this week. There is some awesome projects being revealed every day this week too. I'm loving it!!

Having the decluttering and simple living bug myself, I always love reading about other people and their journey towards being minimalist and living simply.

Loving the video link that Sunday posted on her blog yesterday - let's bring back the art of letter writing hey!!
I actually have a little idea brewing that incorporates putting pen to paper, stamp to envelope and passing on the letter love. Let's hope I can get it all together and make it happen. Stay tuned...

What a brilliant idea this is!! It's quick, easy and loads of fun. Great gift idea!

Got any blogs or links you love - be sure to share in the comments.
Would love to check them out!

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