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10:05 PM

If I could have three people to dinner - who would they be!

Jeepers Creepers - only three! I can only pick three!?! Tricky!

Ok. Well...

On any given night, I would just want my family here for tea - all the way from Tassie and Queensland.
On another night, I'd love my bestie and her hubby and daughter to come - dislike that I live so far away. Would love to just be able to hang out whenever we like. Miss that!

But hey! If I could get all 'fantasy world' here, I would want...

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Drew Barrymore
(I think she is so funny and people have always said that I have many similar mannerisms and facial expressions like hers so it would be rather interesting to see how close those claims are!)

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Hugh Jackman
I absolutely loved Hugh in Paperback Hero way back when alongside Claudia Karvan! And he really does just get better with age hey!?!
My husband reckons I'd end up eating him right up for dinner! LOL!
But, seriously, I like how down-to-earth and genuine he is.
Top bloke - but then again, he's Aussie - so of course he is ;-)

And, to finish off the trio, it would have to be...

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Katy Perry
I can't help but have a singer amongst it all! I really like Katy and her unique-ness. 
She has some kick-butt awesome songs!
And I know that my eldest daughter would love singing ROAR with her!!

So there you have it!
A very mixed presence around our dinner table but oh how fun would that dream be if it came true!
Fantasies are fun :-D

dr. seuss quote
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With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I would be afraid of choking because of laughing so hard while trying to eat. What a fabulous guest list. :-)

  2. A great guest list! Hugh Jackman is so funny in interviews...I reckon he'd be a great guest!x


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