Blog Every Day In May - Day 7...

6:00 PM

Where am I writing from today?

Well, I'm sitting at our very messy, very disorganised office desk. Which is currently positioned in the lounge room, as the studio/office space where we are planning to set it all up is still in the stages of organisation and not ready to have the computer set up in there yet!! So I am sitting in front of the computer amongst clutter!
Despite my best intentions, I must admit that no matter how hard I try, the sad truth is that I am just really crap at keeping an office desk tidy!!
But I'll keep trying, don't you worry - one day I will conquer the crazy and organise the shazazzle out of my office space.
Just do it all ready, hey!?! LOL! 

On the desk beside me, I have some St John Ambulance paperwork to look through and fill out. I am beginning training as a volunteer ambo. Last night was the first training session was fun!
Also on the desk is the welcome intro to the Ali Edwards course, Yesterday Today that I have signed up to. Today, I logged in and started Lesson One - loving it! Then again, I pretty much love all that Ali Edwards does - so it's no surprise!

Where do you blog or browse the internet etc? Is your desk super duper tidy or totally chaotic like mine?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Creative people are messy, accept this no more guilt.


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