Blog Every Day In May - Day 8...

9:05 PM

So here I am again today, playing along with the bloggy challenge from Sunday's blog, Love Happy Daily.

Today's prompt is to share a book that I'd like to read but haven't yet.
Well - here it is...

I have gone so far as to buy it, but am yet to read it. It's sitting cozily on my bedside table shelf, waiting patiently for me to open it up and take in its wisdom.

I know I am going to like this book because I am part way through another book that Tsh Oxenreider has put out called Organized Simplicity.
What she writes about is what I am seeking in my life...simplicity.
One point that she makes that I really like and think is absolutely true, is that - simple living really isn't so simple. It takes some work, time and commitment to live a more simplistic life. But it is super rewarding and very 'free-ing'. 
For me, it definitely is a gradual process. I just love how Tsh (apparently you pronounce her name, Tish - cos I know you were wondering and all ;-) hehe), encourages her readers and describes and explains things so...well...simply ;-)

Looking forward to getting on the 'Blue Bike' when I finish the first book of hers :-)

What book are you hoping to get stuck into sometime? What's on your reading pile?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


P.S. I noticed that the Foreword to this book is written by Ann Voskamp whose book, One Thousand Gifts is what is on my bedside table NOW at the moment and I am currently reading. Thought that was pretty cool :-)

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  1. This one is on my to-read pile as well. Looking forward to diving in.

    1. Me too! Thanks for dropping by :-)

  2. Ann Voskamp's book changed my life (at the risk of being too dramatic!) and yours is the second post that mentions Notes from a Blue Bike. I'm off to find it this afternoon - I think it must be a sign. Beautiful blog, by the way.

    1. HAHA Lisa - so not dramatic at all! I know a few people who have said the same thing! - so I just had to get it and read it far it's great! Hope you can get ahold of Notes from a Blue Bike and enjoy it!!


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