Blog Everyday In May - Day 23...

2:17 PM

Today's prompt for Sunday's blog challenge is to write about a particularly good or controversial comment someone left me.
Well, this is actually a hard one to answer as I have so many lovely comments on my blog and on other social media outlets. I don't really like to dwell on the negative, controversial things people say - thankfully I haven't had to deal too much with that yet. Don't get me wrong - I think about these type of comments and nut out my reaction, deal with it and move on. No point going mad over it hey!?!
People are entitled to their own opinion - although it would be nice if opinions could be voiced in a nicer, more effective way sometimes. Words are a powerful weapon. There are gazillions of words at our disposal for us to use. We can choose them wisely or...not!
We would do well to remember this...

Use words that are constructive NOT destructive.
The world would be a whole better place if we could just choose our words more wisely. To not shoot people in the foot with cruel and negative talk that leaves them crippled BUT aim right for the heart with positive, encouraging and uplifting words that breathe life and nurture the soul.

So it may look like I've just climbed atop my soapbox and rah rah rah'd at you but, in all honesty, I'm talking to myself too. I am always trying to think of better ways to say something. Breathing and choosing my words more wisely before I speak in a situation where I feel myself reaching boiling point.
Sometimes it's not about the words but the way we say them.
We need to be kinder; to others and ourselves (yep, positive self-talk is essential too - something I definitely need to get better at myself!)

Keep asking...
"Is what I'm about to say beneficial to the other person?"
"Is there a better way to say what I need to say?"
"Do I really need to say it?"

I have had recurring comments about my blog name; how it makes people smile and happy just reading it.
Hearing this just makes my heart swell. It affirms the choice I made for my blog name cos that is exactly what I wanted it to do - evoke positive feelings and reactions in those who popped by to read!

So a huge THANK YOU for dropping in here.
And for leaving such lovely comments.
I really do appreciate them!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. You said exactly what I was trying to say! :)

    1. Oooh great! We're on the same wavelength then ;-) thanks for dropping by!

  2. Love that quote! Words can be so powerful!x

  3. I am constantly shocked by some peoples comments that are left on facebook, instagram etc. I think what is the point in being so nasty. These people really must have an unhappy life that they need to put others down. My mum taught me - if you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all. That has been my motto in life. :)

    1. yep Denise - that is a great motto to live by :-) I have definitely heard and said that quite a few times throughout my life! It just shocks me and I literally gasp at what some people come out with - I just think "surely they could have said that differently". But I guess we can only be responsible for ourselves and what we put out there. If I had anything remotely not-so-positive to say to someone, I would feel like I would have to explain why I'm saying it. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just plain nasty criticism - I believe that people's destroying comments are being bandied around as 'constructive criticism' too much, therefore the difference between the two is a tad blurry, in my view. Like you said, sometimes we just need to zip it!

  4. Oh, I agree--I see how people respond and wonder if I'm reading (or misinterpreting) their tone or meaning. I don't want to think that people are intentionally being mean to each other, or me.


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