Blog Every Day in May - Day 12...

9:54 PM

How my blog got its name...

It was 2010.
My husband and I along with our 18 month old daughter had moved interstate away from my family to a farm in a fairly isolated area. Well, isolated compared to where I came from and was used to.
At times I felt rather lonely.
I also felt a tad frustrated because with looking after our young child and long trips for anything like groceries or any other supplies of any sort, I didn't get time to create - my hobby, my outlet.
I resorted to surfing the net to fill the void and came across a few craft blogs that I still read today. I lived vicariously through their creative lives.

After a while, the thought hit me...
"I could blog!"
Why not!?! Writing is also a great outlet for me. Getting things down on paper or typed onto a screen makes more sense than trying to speak things out. I explain things better through writing.

At first I put it off because I wanted to make sure things were planned out perfectly in order to start. But one day I just sat down and bit the bullet. I do admit I am a perfectionist to the point of procrastination. If I can't do it right and well the first time, it doesn't get done straight away. But I realised that one day that waiting was proving to be a waste of time for me and I just had to let go and just do it!!
So I started thinking about names.
I wrote quite a few options down.

But finally, out of the blue, One Big Sunshine Spritzer popped up. And that was it. It stuck.
And it's perfect for me.
I love all things sunshiny, happy and spritzed with sparkle!
I want life to be that way.
No matter what, through the thick and thin of life, the good and the bad, the positive and negative experiences, I want my life to be One Big Sunshine Spritzer.
And I want to the spread it around and make life just that bit more filled with happiness and sprinkles of sunshine for all around me.
That includes you, my readers.
I really appreciate your presence here and taking the time to pop around when you do.

I hope right now you can smile and see the good in life :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I love your blog - the look, the colors and especially the name! It suits. I waited far too long to get started as well...wanting things to be perfect may be the end of me. There are days when I come upon something fabulous and start to wonder when and if I will ever get my site right, but most days I just ease into my chair and write. Have a lovely day.

  2. I love the story of how your name came about and the look suits it to a T as well!

  3. Fab story and I adore your name! It's fab! Looking forward to popping back to read even when the May challenge has finished x

  4. Ah Anna, I read this and thought that is so me - a perfectionist to the point of procrastination. I too started a blog but have left it a bit neglected because I keep thinking it isn't good enough or I haven't quite mastered the technology. I must get back into it. I guess it doesn't matter if people don't read it or comment on it, I just need to do it for myself :) I did read this quote on facebook the other day that gave me a giggle "Im a perfectionist with a procrastinator complex. Someday I'm going to be awesome." Love your blog. Have a sunshiny day.

  5. Wow! Thank you all for your special words - I feel very blessed and happy that you come and share my life with me through my blog! xx


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