Friday Faves...

11:33 AM

A week goes by so darn quickly!

I am here again with my new regular post of

1. Love these kits! Raquel always puts together such gorgeous and perfectly co-ordinated scrapbooking kits. And her flairs are just totes awesome aswell :-)

2. Have still been thoroughly enjoying the #hsloveyourselfie movement happening lately. Kim Jeffress (a fellow Jot Team Member) posted on Heidi's blog this last week. Her post was beautiful and had a video on it that I just loved. Check it all out!

3. Miss J has been asking me what shows I watched as a kid. Been searching YouTube to show her some of them. Some of you may remember this and this and what about this?

4. I'm loving this post - those 6 points are everything I am aiming for in my journey towards a more simplistic life.

5. Can't wait for this to hit the online stands THIS SUNDAY - June 1st!

Happy Friday everyone!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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