Blog Everyday In May - Day 18...

9:40 PM

Ten things making me happy today...

* Fantastic chat with my bestie this morning made me feel super happy!

* Sunshine makes me happy! Saw THIS PIC on Pinterest today and couldn't help but relax and smile :-)

* This blog post posted by Mel on her blog One Crafty Mumma made me happy. I had been admiring this crochet project she was doing on her Instagram feed and today she blogged about it and included the pattern! I have it printed out ready to try at the first chance I get!

* My husband does THIS everyday ;-) - he makes me happy! He works so hard to provide for us, his family, and I love him to bits!

* Pizza for tea made me happy. It was a joint effort, as it is every time we make pizza. I whip up the dough in the thermomix - then when it's risen Mr Awesome makes it up into super yummy stuff crust pizzas!
And they were SCRUM-diddly-UMPTIOUS!!

* A Skype chat with my Mum and Dad made me happy.

* Watching THIS on TV tonight. Love this show!

*I was very happy to get a small amount of time in my studio today and finish off a layout. Creating really is a happy place for me :-)

* The only songs you'll hear around our place at the moment is THIS and THIS (absolutely love this lip-synced video of this song! Funny!) aaaand THIS.
Love hearing my kids sing songy voices filling our home xx

* My girls just make me happy :-)

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  1. Fab list of things! Your blog name makes me happy!x

  2. The video of the parents lip synching is too funny! What a happy post. :-)

  3. Great List and your girls are ADORABLE :) xo Charm


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