Blog Everyday In May - Day 25...

12:04 PM

A list for the week ahead...

Well, I'm all for planning ahead so here is what I would like to get done this week...

1. Get some creative (and organising/clean up) time in my craft room.

2. Go through my wardrobe - sort and tidy.

3. Get stuck into some crochet projects.

4. Have a waxing appointment.

5. Change all the bed sheets.

6. Project Life Catch-up

7. Early nights to bed.

8. Bake a cake.

9. GROW.


perfect quote
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10. Just be me.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I've got to pin your quote, that may be included in my graduation gifts this year.

  2. Great list! Hope you share if you bake a cake!x


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