Blog Every Day in May - Day 6...

1:20 PM

Today the prompt is - 'A favourite photo of you'.
Now... it's very rare that anyone actually likes photos of themselves so I thought this would be hard - and it was...but in a different way than I thought!
I couldn't decide which one to use! Ha! Not that I am in love with myself or anything - most photos of me are fairly ordinary but, hey! that's me! I found that I did, in fact, have quite a few photos of me or with me in it! Which is something I am pleased about! I just didn't know which one was my 'favourite'. Every photo is linked to a particular memory and it's hard to choose a favourite!

Anyway I did decide on one.
I chose one that connects to a fond memory - just chillin and being silly with my kids.
They are memories that I hold dear and I love travelling back in time to fun moments like this!

And it makes me laugh!
And that is always a good thing ;-)

Do you like getting into photos? Or would you rather be the one taking photos?

I encourage you to try and get into some shots - your kids will appreciate seeing you present in the memories of life. And I like seeing myself - not necessary the way I look in the photo - but I like the fact that I am in some photos. It shows me that I am actually there and living life and making memories not just snapping away behind the camera!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. What a fab photo! I prefer to be taking the photographs but now I have a baby girl I am trying to get more taken with me and her!x

  2. Such a cool and funny picture!! :) I actually like to take selfies, but don't really like to get photographed by someone else *lol*

  3. How fun and yes you make me laugh too! Love the glasses :)
    I'd rather take the photos than be in them!!


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