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A compliment.
It really is a lovely ray of verbal sunshine!

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I was given a compliment by a stranger one day that really made my day and I don't think I will ever forget. They were words every mother just wants to hear.
Let me explain...

Every week, I have a town day. I drop my eldest off to school, organise myself abit more, and then get my little one in the car and head off for the trip to town - a little over an hour it takes us.

It usually starts off pretty well. Little K does grizzle a little bit for the first part of my errands but on a rare occasion she'll be rather amenable which makes it all a whole lot easier. However, I can safely say that EVERY time the part of the town trip that involves the supermarket, there is mayhem. Say the words 'time to do the groceries'...and a switch is flipped!!!!!
We enter the complex, and she wants to get on the car rides or whatever thing they have that moves ONLY if you put $2 in it! The answer is very regularly NO which does not go down well and we haven't even made it INTO the supermarket yet!
There is always an issue with the trolley - she wants to ride in it but not in the kids chair or she only wants to stand on the side so she can get off whenever she likes. 
Once in the shop, she generally wants to run around and grab everything. My answer to everything is NEVER right and I am rewarded with screeches.
My reaction to this now, is to simply ignore it. She isn't making herself clear exactly wants she wants and a tanty does not make me understand her any more. So I just get on with the job at hand - it is a whole lot harder to concentrate but she will eventually wear down and the cries need a little more effort to get out cos she just can't be bothered with it anymore! But for half the amount of aisles, the WHOLE shop is filled with the full volume (cos my little one does not know any other way than full throttle, bless her - grrumph) of my disgruntled child.

On this one particular occasion, I was in an aisle scanning the shelves for what I wanted...infinity decibels ringing in my ears pretending I couldn't actually hear them and probably looking completely calm when, in actual fact, inside a storm was a'ragin, I can tell you!!
A lady walked past and said to me above the racket - "You are doing an exceptional job! There is no way I could keep my head like you are right now!" And smiled a sweet, genuine smile.
They were the BEST words she could have said to me!
And it's not the only time it's happened. Many a time where she's screaming the place down, people have smiled, patted my shoulder, encouraged me, or have tried to pacify the child.
Where many could have scowled (where they would have only received a bigger scowl back cos I don't like it any more than the next person! pfft) or shook their heads, they chose to build up the haggard looking mother that in all honesty is just trying to do the best she can under the circumstances! 

It's these moments and type of compliments that will stick with me always.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I always try to give a smile or a kind word to mums trying to shop with little ones, a little kindness goes a long way. Anna, you are a wonderful mumma

  2. Nothing beats the compliments that stick with you like this. Thank you for sharing xx

  3. Sadly not enough of this kindness occurs anymore! I used to use donuts ( :O ) as a treat to get thru the groceries or bring MIL. Either way meant I could do at least half a shop before the whining started!


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