Gotta Love A Challenge...

7:00 AM

Hi there friends! 
I hope you are all happy and healthy and living life well.
I must confess that things have been a little 'off'' around here lately, health-wise and other wise just trying to settle in and get organised in our new place and town. Plus starting a new venture as agents for a business is something new therefore adding to our 'settling in' phase. 
It's all good. We are enjoying our new house and are fitting in ok around this new little community.

Anyway, I have dropped in to let you all know about a special challenge I came across yesterday via Facebook. I saw a link to THIS blog post about blogging everyday in May - and felt I just had to join in.
Now, I know my blog is rather neglected - there has only been a speckling of posts done each month but it has always been my aim to blog more regularly SO I'm thinking this challenge is just what I need to give me that kick in the butt!

Ok, so even though I endeavour to get a post up everyday, I will be realistic and say right up front that there is a very high chance I might miss some here and there but I'm going to give it a red hot go!!
I figure that even if I get 3-5 done a week, that's more than what I'm doing now so it's an improvement and that's what I want to see :-)
The blog post includes prompts - I am liking the sound of most of these but I'm not sure I will follow it for every post...we'll see :-) 
If there is anything that YOU, as a reader of my blog here, would like to see me write about - PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment on this post or following One Big Sunshine Spritzer on Facebook and leaving a comment there. I would love to hear from you and know what you like reading about!

So, if you're a blogger, feel free to join in on this challenge. Or starting from tomorrow, please feel welcome to pop back here and see what I post everyday! I would LOVE your company!

See ya tomorrow!
Take care!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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