Day 9 MPC: Shadows...

10:08 PM

This is probably one of my favourite shadow photos.
It depicts a happy family strolling family! And it really was such a lovely evening for a stroll around the town we were staying in at the time. We were all chatting and enjoying each others company. Happy times.
Sprout has been rather amused about shadows of late. Once she was asking me, 'Where is my puppet?' and I had no idea what she was talking about and it was left at that. Until later on, she exclaimed, "There's my puppet!" pointing at it and I was like 'Oh you're shadow.' She just looked at me and said, "Yes my shadow puppet" and jumped around making different wavy motions and moves with her body to make her 'puppet' look funny!

I have portrayed happiness in these photos of shadows. But I guess, for some, it all depends on perspective. Which got me pondering about life and our perspective. The word 'shadow' is often used with a negative connation - 'the shadow of her past skulks blearily behind her, threatening to pounce on her at any given moment' OR 'his face was shadowed with anguish and fear' etc etc.
It's interesting how the view of your shadow is dependent on where you are positioned in the sun. If the sun is behind you, your shadow can be seen in front of you. If you are facing the sun, you have to look back behind you to see your shadow. And if the sun is at your side, then your shadow is on the other side and you can pretty much just hold its hand! (LOL)
Everybody has a past. Either good or bad or a combination of both. And there are many other things that can create dark spots in your life; illness, grief, loss, fear and so on. Even during these times, the future awaits; shining brightly. Some will face the future, knowing they have an imprint of their past behind them, but still walk on towards a potentially bright and beautiful future. But there are some that can feel the warmth of a better life but they keep looking back and their past keeps hanging on. It is like a big, black, gaping hole that they keep teetering on the edge of or keep falling right into.

I am blessed to have had a very happy childhood, a loving family with strong values and beliefs. This put me in good stead for my teenage years! I still made mistakes, exercised my own will at times and struggled through hard decisions and choices I had made. But I came out the other side, not too battered and bruised by my past. And I can safely say that the shadow of my past, which is there, is not a big, black, gaping hole but more of a shaded imprint of all the experiences and moments that make me ME today! And I have come into my adult life, a stronger and better person because of it!

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this is not living a life overshadowed by their past or dark circumstances. And if there is, I hope you can start feeling the sunshine of a better future and turn towards its warmth and be completely transformed into the person you are destined to be and live out your potential!
The shadows in your life can either drag you down or they can create beauty in your life. Life can be a battle that can leave you broken and wounded. But, time keeps ticking away and as the saying goes, time heals all wounds. The battle scars can be bore with pain and shame or worn with pride and give life to others through their story.

So let's embrace our shadow, jump around and make it look silly.
Just like Sprout's 'puppet'!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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