Day 21 MPC: Special Moment...

9:54 PM

You know those moments when you feel overwhelmed by amazement at all the goodness that has happened to YOU?
Well, today I had one of those moments. It happens every so often. But all I was doing was sitting on the couch quietly - bubba was peacefully asleep in her highchair (which I had laid back) after she had scoffed down an arrowroot biscuit and zonked it. And Sprout was next to me watching 'her channel'.
It suddenly hit me how blessed I am in my life - a wonderful husband and two gorgeous girls who make my life so utterly beautiful!
There are many special moments that happen in life that add so much more beauty and splendour to it.
Of course, the day I got married held many special moments that I will hold dear to my heart forever.
But there is a special moment in a woman's life that will also never be forgotton and that is...
 {Our little Sprout - September 2008}
{Our little Sparkle - June 2011}

Becoming a Mother!

These two beloved children call me Mummy!
And it is so glorious.

Today I just happened to look over at my firstborn sitting comfortably beside me and my emotions just welled up inside me - happiness, pride, admiration, and oh, immense love. I couldn't believe that I had birthed and have been given the responsibility to bring up these two beautiful little girls!

Becoming a mother was the biggest event that has happened in my life. I knew that babies NEED their Mummy but I was not prepared for the extent of their dependence on me. It was quite overwhelming at times. But on the other hand, there was - and still is - NO WAY I would give up my babies and definitely no-one else who could give them what they need but ME!!
At times, yes, they try my patience and make me feel like throwing in the towel but I never would! The sense of responsibility for these children is SO STRONG, I could never walk away. I feel such a fierce protection for these girls - I just want to hold them forever close to me. But I know that one day I will have to let them go make their own life.
But until then...
I am more than happy to soak in these special moments that I experienced today.
And you know what?
To top the day off with the most special moment was when Sprout climbed into my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck, smiled up at me and said,
That is a moment, and they are words, that my heart will never forget and treasure forever.

I am blessed.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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