Day 19 MPC: Out & About...

9:56 PM

We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Such gorgeous beaches and scenery. Makes getting out and about a whole lot more easier and enjoyable to be surrounded by such beauty.
This is the closest town to where we live and most times, when we all go to town together, we like to take abit of drive and drink all the goodness of the area in.

Today, however, I did not get to see this divine slendour. But we did all get out and about.
Because it's seeding time, Hubby got out and about in the tractor planting more of the crops. While I, braved another trip into town with the kids (due to necessity)!! Now, you know my history - especially this week - with going to town. But today wasn't so bad. It was a shorter, somewhat quicker trip therefore less chance of too many misdemeanours!
So anyway...
I dressed up abit and donned my 'new' op-shoppie shoes and went out and about.
 We dined for lunch in Dome. Sprouts favourite place to eat. And because there was cause to celebrate, being my Mumma's birthday, I decided that I would indulge in a dessert. So I ordered a mango and ricotta log. And it was quite tasty.
 We went shopping (the rest of the fortnight's groceries) and ate icecream. Well, Sprout ate icecream and Sparkle tried to get some but only managed to swipe a few fingers worth of it which she sampled and smacked her lips together, loving it!! LOL!

And back home we came. See, told you, just a quick trip! But it was good.
And while we were out and about, my Mumma and family were celebrating HER day back in Tassie. They had Nan and Pop for lunch and went out and about, wining and dining for dinner!
Oh I wish I was there.
But did I talk to her, you might ask?
Well of course! I caught up with the whole of my goofy, loveable family!
Thank God for Skype!!
Talking to these four is always a highlight of my day.

I hope you had an extremely blessed and delightful day as you celebrated half a century of life! LOL!
You are everything I could have asked for in a Mum and I love you much!

Happy Birthday xx

So how was your day my dear readers? Did you get out and about?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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