Day 2 MPC: Tickled Pink...

4:10 PM

Welcome to day two of the May Photo Challenge by papercoterie.
As you would see, today's theme is Tickled Pink.
Just for fun, I thought that I would look up this term at
And it DID have the meaning...under Slang Dictionary (haha).
It means:
amused; utterly delighted; pleased
So for example - in a sentence it would be used like this:
"I am tickled pink that you have stopped by my blog today!"
So without much more fuss, I thought that I would just tell you some things that I am Tickled Pink with today.

I am tickled pink with this new mail box that hubby made over the weekend. It has a door that opens to put mail in and keeps the mail dry on those wet and rainy days. Utterly delighted ;-)

I am tickled pink that I have been able to have some peace and quiet every day to get some things done around the house without any interruptions OR read a book OR do some knitting/crochet. At this very moment this little Sparkle sleeps and Sprout watches 'her channel' on telly so I can get this blog post done. Gotta be happy with that!!

I am tickled pink that I got to make a batch of these cookies this afternoon. They are soooo scrummy and very easy to make. My kinda baking :-)
Will post recipe sometime to share with ya.
And then, of course, I am tickled pink that I am the Mumma to these gorgeous girls. A wife to an awesome fella. To have a roof over my head. Food to eat.
Talking about food - I know hubby is pretty tickled pink that I am cooking my chicken parmigiana and chips for tea tonight! (Will have to share that recipe with ya aswell sometime. It's a favourite here!)

What are you tickled pink with today?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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