Day 23 MPC: Can't Live Without...

10:48 PM

It is apparent that...
I have a husband.
I have two children.
I have a home.
I have hobbies.
I have housework.
I have a life to live.

And I definitely wouldn't be able to live without some of these.
And with all that is on this list, there is one thing that I wouldn't be able to live without in order for all these things to co-exist together in harmony.
And that is...
Every person and family needs it!
Therefore, I would be lost without my planning and recording aids...
My Meal Planner.
It's magnetic and sticks to our fridge for easy reference. I try to cover the whole week which I plan on the Sunday. I only use this for dinner meals at this stage. Breakfast is pretty much set in stone so that would just be repetitive and because we all have different things, there just isn't the space, and lunch is usually leftovers from the day before. I do sometimes list things in the lunch square for hubby's sake so he remembers there may be leftovers in the fridge or if I have prepared something for him that he can have.
But dinner is the meal that I have really needed to plan ahead with better. So this is my method and it has been working a treat. Early in the day, I refer to the planner and get out any frozen items that may need to thaw (or I do this the day before and pop them in the fridge), or do any food prep that may be needed to make the meal quicker to get cooked, plated and on the table (or our laps at this stage - until we get some bar stools. [guffaw]). After each meal I usually rub it out, then Sunday comes around again and I plan again.
It's been a whole lot better on the shopping list and the bill for that matter. I am not just buying things willy nilly and filling up the pantry with lots of things we don't use for ages and ages, if ever. The shopping has become more focused and purpose-driven. I like that :-)
My Diary/Planner.
This is my 'most-used' planning device. It lists birthdays, anniversarys, other special dates to remember, appointments, etc. I also use this to write down all the daily prompts for the Photo A Day challenge I have been doing all year via FatMumSlim. Also the topics for my daily blogging. And anything else I might have on the go. Like, at the moment, for the next month I am doing an online course called 31 Things by Ali Edwards and I have been listing down all the daily topics to remind me what they are and to keep track.

And then there are all the little notes I have posted around the place temporarily. I love list making. And then ticking off all the things on that list. Or if all the things are not done on the list, I love making another list to update and add any new points to it. Sounds abit anal I know, but it's me and I like it. Works for me.
I also use my Reminder and Notes section on my iPhone quite abit. I can set an alarm on any Reminder I put in there so my phone beeps at that time and shows up on my screen. Handy Dandy.

Life is constantly changing and adding/subtracting new and old things to the agenda. Gosh, next year my firstborn will start Kinder. And all the planning and scheduling will happen all over again to suit the new lifestyle. I'm not totally scared yet, just mildly concerned about my little girl heading off into the new world of school. But that is a whole other blog post. Leave that till later.

So what is your main planning aid? Are you an 'on-purpose' planner or do you just take each day as it comes? What can't you live without?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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