Day 12 MPC: Colourful...

11:21 PM

I love it in my drawings, my food, my jewellery.
It is hard to pin point a favourite colour these days because I have a fad for a certain colour nearly every day.
I love the fresh bold colours of a brand spankin new box of pencils or crayons; the vibrant colour of flowers newly bloomed; a colourful creation a kid can achieve using glitter, coloured/patterned patty pans, streamers and pom-poms; a rainbow strewn across the sky; a basket full of colourful yarn; coloured confetti at weddings; fairy bread...
It just brings about bubbles of happiness.
Don't you think?
Be sure to inject a bit of colour into your world every now and then. A colourful life is a beautiful one!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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