Day 22 MPC: Something You Treasure...

8:55 PM

There are many things I treasure in life.
My husband and kids.
My family and other meaningful people in my life.
Time spent with all these different people.
Time spent with myself doing what I love - crafting, reading, writing - just things that make me relax and rejuvenate me.
These are all things that I cherish and make my life all the more beautiful.
But in this post, I am going to focus on something that I treasure because it is symbolic of a person and all that I hold dear with that person.

It's my wedding ring.
Because I treasure my husband, I treasure this very special item of jewellery because of the meaning it holds.
Of course, in reality, it is just a ring made out of a highly conductive, non-corrosive, malleable piece of valuable metal. So, considering it's worth alot in $$, I wouldn't want to lose it...or my engagement ring.
But the main reason why I wouldn't want to live without it, is because the man I love placed this ring on my finger because he loves me and chose ME to spend the rest of his life with!
It resembles a love that never ends and a bond that can never be broken.
This ring acts as a daily reminder of all that is good and true in my life.
A reminder of an awesome man, my best friend who I call my husband.

Are you over all the mushy mushy?
Can't help it. It's the way I feel.

Hubby...I treasure you.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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