Day 4 MPC: Something New...

5:29 PM

Something New.
No, maybe this? Yes.
And then the something new just happened! And this is what it was.

It is not 'something new' that Sprout likes to play doctors and nurses. She has even said that she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Might be taking after her Mummy there (even though I am not a nurse I did do go to uni for nursing studies, didn't pass the last unit, and didn't go back! Long story. But I worked as a Nursing Care Assistant for three and a half years).
I have had this medical set under my bed for 'a rainy day' which  Sprout ended up finding this afternoon. So I decided it was about time she could play with it. Funny thing is, it IS actually a rainy, wet and cold day here today so twas even more right that I let her go for it.
{Due to the rainy day, it meant dodgy lighting for photos so please bear with me and make allowances for that whilst viewing these photos. Thanks.} 
^Here is the BRAVE patient that is waiting to see her doctor.
Instruments ready. Doctor prepared. Patient called.
And the medical check-up begins!

 Vaccination was given. All her obs were fine.
Dolly was good to go with a clean bill of health!
Job well done Dr. Sprout!
And way-to-go Dolly - didn't even cry at the needle :-)

I have been trying to think all day what I could write about as Something New in my life today that celebrates the beauty of life.
What can be more beautiful than the pure joy of kids play!
Children really are a blessing and enrich our lives so greatly. Wouldn't trade them or the treasured moments they bring to us for the world!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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