Day 5 MPC: Work & Play...

10:07 PM

I find it hard to define the line between work & play. Being a stay-at-home Mum, my job is to look after the house and kids. Well, it's pretty easy to say that the housework...definitely work.
 The cooking, the cleaning, the dishes, the washing...
All work I'd say.
But it's gotta be done, otherwise I would feel unhappy and unsatisfied if my house wasn't the way I wanted it to look. So I've gotta work at it. Just like anything in life. 

But the kids?
I don't know that they are exactly work. Although, sometimes it may feel like pretty hard work -
keeping them fed, keeping them entertained, keeping them clean. Then there are nappy changes or trips to the toilet, keeping their toys tidy (or nagging the one old enough to clean up after herself), bottles for bubba.
I would constitute 'play' as fun. And I wouldn't say any of the afore-mentioned are exactly fun, just necessary. Therefore, it would be work. My work. What I do every day.
But then you get the moment, where you sit down after washing and wiping a load of dishes and the kids start crawling all over you, you give them tickles and the explosion of giggles and outright delightful laughter begins. You play hide and seek. You sit together on the couch and read a book together. You play throw and catch the ball (I've even played with an imaginary ball before - I have a very theatrical, imaginative 3 year old)! You do dizzy-wizzies with bubba and listen to her joyful chuckles and squeals.
I wouldn't consider all that work. Definitely play.
And then when they are napping, my idea of play is this:

 Crafting & Computerising!
Or reading a book.
I am really into crochet and knitting projects at the moment. But also love getting onto the computer and reading my fave blogs, twittering and facebooking, and 'browsing' etsy and ebay!

So...there it all is.
And all this can happen at any given time within my day.
And that's why it's kinda hard to define where work ends and play starts. It's all kinda intermingled throughout my day. Some days it can feel like all work and no play but, lately, I have tried to deliberately put some play activities into my day so I can go to bed at night feeling like I achieved more and have my brain and body relax AT THE SAME TIME!

As for hubby?
His week has been dominated by alot of work with...
these woolly creatures.
Other than sheepwork though, he has also been doing the odd bit of tractor work as it is seeding time; time for the crops to be planted.
But today - he got the day off.
And he went to town.
First to the chiropractor (ongoing back issues and he's carpel tunnel has been playing up lately).
And then to the movies to watch...
The Avengers!
He wanted to see this at the cinema so he got the whole impact of the special effects and so on.
So I agreed to let him go do it.
This is one of hubby's idea of play. Others would be surfing or any other beachy activity OR four-wheel driving. And if it happens to be four-wheel driving on the beach, EVEN BETTER!! LOL!
Ah, love him.

And that, dear folks, has been our day.
How was yours? All work and no play? Or did you get to play - just a little bit?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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